We both attended the Securitay2 Conference in Dundee yesterday.  This was organized by the students from the Ethical Hacking course at Abertay University - and it turned out to be really good.  I've been to a number of professional conferences such as 44Con and BruCon - and I thought the home-brewed Scottish version was just as good and considerably less expensive (£10 for a ticket).  Really good selection of talks (Ian Ferguson's talk on encryption was my favourite) and it was nice to see the number of professional testers we had talking to the Student population who will be our next generation....  Well organized too - the Students responsible should give themselves a big pat on the back (and put their involvement on their CVs).

I spoke about the Windows RT Surface Device and using PowerShell on it for Pentesting, and Rory spoke about automating Pen Tests with scripts (he is really good with Ruby).  Rory is doing a separate post with his slides.

My talk went reasonably well (I think) apart from the fact that although I had tested it in advance, the projector in the main auditorium didn't seem to take to the Surface and I had to use my ThinkPad instead.

As promised - I'm attaching my presentation to this post, so you can access that here



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