The videos from this years Scottish Ruby Conference are up now at Confreaks .  As usual there's loads of good content there, but interestingly some of my favourite talks of the ones I attended were the ones that didn't directly deal with a specific aspect of ruby coding but were more general.

  • There was this talk from Ryan Stenhouse on handling Credit cards and PCI.  This was interesting to me because I'm very used to hearing the security industries perspective on PCI, but this was the take of someone actually implementing controls to meet the requirements, which is a very different perspective.
  • I enjoyed This talk from from Joe O'Brien on start-ups and self employment.  I've recently been working in start-ups (and indeed this is my second now) so it was nice to get another perspective from someone who's been through that process and experienced some of the problems and pitfalls.
  • I wasn't really sure what to expect when I went to the real software engineering talk by Glen Vanderburg, but I thought it was a really good look at some fundamental problems with how software is built and how software engineering is currently taught.  Well worth a look.

Of course the video for my talk is also up, hopefully an interesting look at some practical strategies for web application security.


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