There's a post over at the Microsoft %41%43%45%20%54%65%61%6d blog about their new Hello secure world resource.
When I saw this I thought I'd go over to the site and take a look around, as Microsoft have released some great information about developer security in the past and it's an area of interest for me at the moment..
But then I ran into a complete roadblock getting to the site! To view it you have to have the latest version of Silverlight installed! Unfortunately I think that won't work for a lot of users, either due to corporate builds not having deployed silverlight yet (and hopefully decent security policies in place to stop users self-deploying software) or due to platforms issues (admittedly a small proportion of linux fans like myself), although that said it's likely to be an increasing problem for some content, as a lot of mobile devices run Opera which isn't supported by silverlight from what I can see...
I understand that Microsoft are keen to get people looking at some of their new technology, but it's a shame that this kind of resource is limited in such a way that a decent proportion of their target audience won't be able to use it.... Perhaps a limited HTML version could be made available so people without access to silverlight


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