Windows Server 2008 Features Address Linux Rivalry
Interesting article which talks about the modular nature of Windows server 2008. From the content of this article I think it's fair to say that Microsoft will have addressed the last big architectural problems with their software security that I can think of, once server 2008 is available.
Previous versions of Windows server have had items like Internet Explorer and Windows Media player installed by default with no easy way to remove them, which led to additional patching and security requirements for the operating system and an increased attack surface, even with the lock down on some of the functionality they provided that happened in server 2003.
Now from this article it appears that Windows server 2008 will reduce the attack surface of the OS by allowing it to be much more modular. And for the first time you can have a windows server without a GUI!!
In the past I've always doubted that Microsoft would do this as from a marketing perspective bundling has always been a strong point for them.
When you combine this with the very strong story that Microsoft has on secure development techniques I'd say that the latest generation of their products are likely to be the best in their fields for security...


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