I was just thinking that there's lots of little advances in technology that you don't really think about but that add up to make a real difference to what you can do..
This time it's a combo of SSL VPN's and free broadband Internet in hotels that's letting me sit here and listen to any music from my home music collection without having to tote around player with me (that I always forget to charge!)
And the great thing is... it's all free.
The SSL VPN is courtesy of the excellent sslexplorer. the community edition is stored on my CentOS server at home which has a port forward from my little ipcop firewall..
The next piece of the puzzle is slimserver which is designed to support Slim devices squeeze boxes , but which they release as a free download whether you use their product or not... This lets me set up a stream over HTTP of any music I like, that I can connect to with any media player (windows media etc)
Actually what occurs to me is that the common piece of all this is Open source software. Without that all this would cost me a fortune and very likely I wouldn't have it at all...! Yay open source.


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