Well no sooner than I blog about the problems falgged up by Kevin Clark's post on changes to the recommended styles for rails code, but someone comes up with an idea for Finding Old Rails Code
Although it could be controversial if some of the findings are more of preferred style than deprecated features it's still one way of dealing with the issue.
Also helps me out 'cause I was going to go through the 2 little rails sites I've written to help me get up to speed with rails and looks for deprecated items.
One thing all this has helped me with is that I did find it confusing that different tutorials had slightly different ways of doing the same thing.
In particular the problem of where to use :symbols and where to use single or double quoted text...
still reckon this kind of rapid change is likely to put off some newbies if they, like me, start with tutorials and see many differing styles being used.
Actually one thing that occurs is this kind of issue will be interesting for the burgeoning rails book market, in that it's real difficult for a paper book to keep up with rapid change in the material it's covering....


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