Well the April Microsoft patches came out today, and depending what article you read about it there are either 4 [securityfocus.com] or 20 [nwfusion.com] .
The cynic in me would say that this was Microsoft trying to keep the apparent number of vulnerabilities in Windows down and I reckon that for certain industry analysts and studies it might well work, as if you don't go into the technical detail of the vulnerability it's not apparent that more than one flaw is getting fixed by each patch.
What I actually find more concerning is that several of the vulns appear to affect Windows 2003/Windows XP. I think that this shows that Microsoft has a very long road ahead of it to improve the security of its products. As whilst it may be ensuring the quality of all new code that is produced, there is obviously a lot of legacy code that will be causing problems for some time to come.....


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